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The witness of Selah Brielle Apple


I am honored to be close friends with a family that loves the Lord enough to welcome a child into this world who had no chance of…

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Think Christian


Tired of browsing social media and failing to find something that actually engages and enriches your mind? 

Think Christian stands…

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Thumbnail image for blog entry: The Christian Declaration of Dependence

The Christian Declaration of Dependence


A timely excerpt from John Howard Yoder:

“All men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights,” according to…

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Thumbnail image for blog entry: Genesis - A Missionary Manifesto?

Genesis - A Missionary Manifesto?


I've begun writing a commentary on Genesis for a new series: Polis Bible Commentary. This series pairs a Bible scholar with an urban…

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Our Gift to Everyone


Those of you who have kept up on my writing projects know that I've been working on a three volume series of easy to read material written…

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Recent Writings

Resting in God's Strength

04/14/2015  Sermons

Twenty weeks after conception, Selah Brielle Apple was diagnosed with Potter's Syndrome. She would not be able to survive outside her mother's womb. Darcie and Ryan Apple had a choice to make. They could carry their child full term, knowing it would die shortly after birth, or they could terminate the pregnancy and spare their family several months of anguish. They chose suffering love. This sermon bears witness to Selah's short but amazing life.

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Time for another Purge?

07/22/2014  Think Christian

In this brief article I bring the theme of sacrifice as portrayed in the horror film, The Purge, in conversation with the Bible story, the work of Christ, and the Christian walk.

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Review of Slow Church

05/30/2014  Book Reviews

This is a book review I wrote about Chris Smith and John Pattison's Slow Church (IVP 2014). I liked the book a lot because it provides a refreshing alternative to church growth books that push quick growth through strategic programming in business world fashion. This book is more faithful to God's strategy for forming and growing communities that bear witness to his kingdom. It's not a quick read and it does not offer a quick fix, but we need a lot more books like this because it is, above all, truthful.

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