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Endangered Gospel is available...


With an official publication date of May 31, Endangered Gospel is finally here!

You can purchase a copy from the publisher and even read…

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New website for Endangered Gospel


I have a new website up to promote the forthcoming "Endangered Gospel" book. It includes a blog that I will contribute to somewhat…

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Beyond Pacifism and Militarism


How should Christians really think about war? Too often we are led to believe there are only two options:

* Pacifist Idealism: war is…

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Endangered Gospel


Many of you know I wrote a book over my sabbatical last Spring. Well the book is finally in the hands of the publisher and should be…

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Thumbnail image for blog entry: There Is No Hostility

There Is No Hostility


It’s been 16 years and The Matrix is still my favorite movie. One of the most memorable scenes is Neo’s encounter with Spoon…

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Recent Writings

Theologies of Baptism and the Formation of Children and Youth

07/26/2016  Published

At the 2015 Ekklesia Project conference, Debra Dean Murphy and I presented papers and fielded questions on how different traditions view baptism and how that impacts how they form children and youth. She represented traditions that baptize infants and I represented those that only baptize consenting believers. This pamphlet grew out of that conversation.

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Beyond Pacifism and Militarism

04/02/2016  Unpublished

This essay is a plenary address I delivered at the 2016 Stone-Campbell Journal conference, in Knoxville, TN. It is scheduled to be published in an upcoming issue of the Stone-Campbell Journal. I approach the subject of Christians and war in a way that seeks to unite Christians who have previously held rival positions. Initial feedback from several conference attendees suggests at least partial success.

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Believers Baptism and the Formation of Youth

07/10/2015  Unpublished

At the 2015 Ekklesia Project gathering, Debra Dean Murphy and I presented papers on how the practice of baptism impacts the way our congregations apporach the formation of youth. Debra represented the infant baptist perspective and I represented the believers church perspective.

The goal of these presentations was not to debate when people ought to be baptized but to foster understanding of each baptismal tradition. Too often people belittle specific traditions without understanding them on their own terms. These papers shed helpful light on both traditions. 

This is my presentation. It is also available at the Ekklesia Project website along with Debra's presentation and a podcast of the entire session. 

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