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Andy Crouch's Playing God

Englewood Review of Books

Author: John C. Nugent

10/05/13+ Share

The Englewood Review of Books just posted a review I wrote a while back on Andy Crouch's new book "Playing God." Andy is a good writer and sharp thinker who seeks to pave a biblically-based middle ground between avoiding "worldly" power because of the damage it causes and embracing such power as if was a completely neutral tool that can be used for good or ill. Though embracing his approach might mean positive movement forward for some, I attempt to show why his middle ground is not biblical enough. And here I am not simply nit-picking at a thing or two that he could have included but didn't. I am claiming that Crouch's overall framework fundamentally misses the mark of what God is doing in this world through God's people and how that impacts our approach to power.

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